Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

Orders are stacking up for Thanksgiving-pies, cookies, breads, rolls- if you haven’t placed your ordere yet, give us a call.

Pies–Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple, Cherry, Blueberry
Dinner Rolls, Breads
Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Roulade, Cookies and Sweet Trays
What else would you like?

This Saturday is the Third Saturday-so check the bread schedule.  With 11/24 being Thanksgiving we will also have extra breads on Wednesday, 11/23.  William will make several loaves of  Cranberry Walnut, French Dinner, French Country, Whole Grain and extra Dinner Rolls. Of course, our breads freeze beautifully so you can always pick up extra on Saturday and pop it in the freezer.

During these busy Holiday Shopping Days, we will run your order out to your car!  Just give us a call, put the order on your credit card (or have exact change), then let us know when you are out front!

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