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cheese for sale10/20/16 New wines have arrived so stop  in for a taste.  Ask us what’s on sale and we will show you!  We now have PLEASANT RIDGE RESERVE in stock as well as BELLE ETOILLE BRIE, a triple cream cheese–soo good!


THIS JUST IN! Results for the American Cheese Society Cheese Competition, 2015 Class KD: Flavored Cheeses, International-Style with Flavor Added – All Milks

First Place
Holland’s Family Cheese, LLC, Thorp, WI
Marieke Gouda Foenegreek

Second Place
Holland’s Family Cheese, LLC, Thorp, WI
Marieke Gouda Cumin

Third Place
Holland’s Family Cheese, LLC, Thorp, WI
Marieke Gouda Jalapeno

4/14/15 We have new flavors from Marieke’s Holland Family Cheese from Thorp Wisconsin arriving this week..  We also have Capriole’s exquisite goat cheese, O’Banon–A dollop of pure Indiana goat’s milk wrapped in chestnut leaves that have been soaked in Woodford Reserve Bourbon– in the case.  These are in limited supply.

10/30/13 NEW WINES!  New Cava, Mas, clean and bright with hint of berries.  And three selections from Sur de los Andes–Cabernet, Malbec, and Torrontes.  We’ve carried these three in the past and you liked them so they’re back!  We will be tasting them on Saturday after 2pm and of course they will be specially priced for the day

This week’s new cheese is Nancy’s Camembert from Old Chatham New York.  It’s a blend of sheep and cow’s milk and is really delicious.
New wines include a nice Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc from Ballard Lane.Their portfolio of wines possesses quite a bit of personality. This might very well be a reflection of the Central Coast family who farms the fruit for this program. They have been there for generations, with vineyards in several counties and appellations. Their dedication to the soils of the Central Coast and the people who farm them, are reflected in each bottle of Ballard Lane wine.  Come in for a glass!We’ve gotten some marvelous blues in.  Cabrales Raw Milk from Spain and Hooks Blue is back.  This is a photo of the Cabrales and another Spanish raw milk cheese–Ibores.

11/7 The Rush Creek is in!  As is most of  everything I’ve ordered so far.  Have a few more to get though!

10/25 I’ve been ordering cheese which should arrive next week.  So far, I’ve talked to Mt. Sterling Creamery located in Mt Sterling, Wisconsin.  This 100 year old creamery is a member-owned and operated cooperative united in their desire to produce high quality dairy goat products.  That is why the RBGH hormone is not used by any producers in this co-op.  They will be shipping us their exceptional Raw Milk Sharp Goats Milk Cheddar-A traditional full-flavored sharp cheddar with a slight bite.  No colorings or additives. And the Smoked Raw Milk Goats Milk Cheddar–their award-winning raw milk mild cheddar is smoked to perfection for a flavorful, natural taste.  Aged a minimum of 60 days, no colorings or additives are used in this cheese.  The natural hardwood smoking process uses no aerosol or liquid smoke to enhance the flavor of this natural cheese!

My next call was to Hollands Family Cheese in Thorp, Wisconsin.  They are shipping us a wheel of 9-12 month Raw Milk Gouda— aged on wooden planks– this is when those wonderful crunchy mineral deposits begin to develop.  Also coming, is a wheel of their very own Marieke Golden, winner of the 2012 World Championship Contest in Semi-Soft Cheese Class . Crafted from rBGH-free cow’s milk and vegetable rennet and carefully cured on Dutch pine planks in the aging cellars, Marieke Golden develops a creamy mouth feel rich in nuttiness with hints of sweet fruit. This raw milk beauty has a freshness that is unrivaled; using milk piped straight into the processing vat after the first milking of the day where it is made into cheese within mere hours. Its soft, buttery texture and pleasantly sweet aroma result in a new American classic. And finally,  a half wheel of Burning Melange–12-18 month Gouda flavored with a blend of stinging nettles, chives, parsley, onion & garlic–Not only amazing herbal flavors but the aging enhances the depth of the flavors.

I also reserved a few pieces of Rush Creek Reserve, from Uplands Cheese near Dodgeville–This should be arriving in the next few weeks.

Can’t wait to get these in the case.

2/18/11  Just received our shipment from Seymour Dairy in Seymour, Wisconsin.

ADER KASE RESERVE:  German-style blue–creamy, earthy cheese that is then aged 6-9 months to develop delicious almost sweet undertones and a critically acclaimed complex flavor.

SEYMOUR GREEN CREST:  Italian-style Gorgonzola made with bacteria imported directly from Italy–creamy & crisp with a wonderful finish.

Colston Basset Stilton is finally here and more delicious than ever.  Also some amazing artisan cheeses from Wisconsin.  Stop in for tastes.

Le Petit Marché offers a wide variety of cheeses, both international and locally created. Our local partners offer such delights as sun-dried tomato and garlic-herb goat cheese, while those from further afield include a Tasmanian “Roaring 40’s Blue” and an Italian Sottocenere with truffles! Of course, we also carry such everyday delights as cheddar, gouda and provolone.

Whether you’re looking for an international adventure or a comfortable reminder of simpler times, our cheese plate makes a fantastic lunch for one or two people. Your choice of three cheeses, combined with fresh fruit, salami, nuts and crackers is always available for only $12.00.

Concentrate On Enjoying Yourself! Let Us Do The Work.

Cheese plates available in all sizes and can be made to fit any budget! Come in to take a look at our remarkable cheese selection. We will work with you to make sure your get exactly what you need to make your gathering unforgettable!

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