Fresh Baked Bread Every Day!

William selling bread at the Crystal Lake Farmers Market

Crystal Lake Farmers Market

We have FRENCH DINNER every day and BAGUETTES on Wednesdays.


FIRST SATURDAY of the month (12/10): All of the Every Saturday Breads, plus FETA & HERB, GREEK OLIVE, BARM BRACK and BABKA.

THIRD SATURDAY of the month ( 12/24): All of the Every Saturday Breads, plus GARLIC ROMANO & CHEDDAR, SWEDISH LIMPA, FLAX SEED FLATBREAD, and FRUIT BRAID

NOTE; William will be making the Third Saturday breads on October 29th also!  Remenber the breads freeze well so pick up a couple loaves of your favorite once-a-month breads.  Give us a call to reserve your bread or if you have a special order.

There have been great reviews of the BABKA!  Glad  you like it.

We have French Dinner Bread every day at the store.  On Saturday and Sundays, William is at the Farmers Markets at Crystal Lake (Saturday) and Cary on Sunday.

Remember the bread freezes well so you might want to pick up an extra loaf. You are welcome to reserve them.

All done with this season’s markets We will still have your favorite breads at the shop but give us a call to be sure we will have exactly what you want.

Pepper Park of Lake Barrington retail center now offers a weekly Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoons from June through October. Shop Local; Eat Fresh!  William will be selling his breads at the Pepper Park Farmers Market on Tuesdays from 2-7.  There’s some great other vendors there so check it out.  Here’s a link to their Face Book  page,

It’s so fun to visit the Farmers Markets in the summer.  William is at Crystal Lake on Saturday from 8-1 and Cary on Sunday from 9-1.  He always has a great selection of breads (that he makes from scratch starting Friday morning!).  Some of the favorites are Feta & Herb, Garlic Romano, Italian, French Country (whole wheat) 7 Grain, Barm Brack  & Cranberry Walnut.  All of these breads are made with sourdough starter (our own–let’s see, maybe 15 years old!)  of varying amounts with the Italian being the strongest sour dough flavored.  Straight yeast breads include French Dinner and the Brioche breads–Cinnamon Swirl, Fruit Braid, Sandwich and Dinner Rolls. He also has Chocolate Brioche, Cinnamon Rolls and fresh Pretzels!   Many of these breads are available during the week by special order.  At the shop, we make French Dinner every morning.

Greek Easter Bread & Other Easter Treats

Call in to order your soda bread for St Pat’s celebrations.  We will make brown, white, w/wo caraway seeds or raisins.  $6 a loaf

It’s time to place orders for Easter goodies.  We will be making those adorable “Bunny Buns” you might have seen as well as some special Easter Macaron Bunnies!  In addition, some of the treats you may want to order are:  Carrot Cake, Lemon-Coconut Cake Roll, Key Lime Pie. Easter Egg Cut-Out Cookies, Coffee Cake, Greek Easter Bread.  Did I forget anything?

BREAD SCHEDULE:  French Dinner everyday.  Call to reserve baguettes!  Saturday–French Dinner, French Country, Whole Grain, Feta & Herb, Cinnamon Swirl, Cranberry Walnut, Flaxseed (call to order) Greek Olive, Italian, Rye (call to order) Barm Brack (call to order).  Anything else you would like

Le Petit Marché began as a bakery, and we’ve only improved on that trade with time. We begin baking fresh bread and pastries every morning, available by 9:30 in the morning for a leisurely breakfast. Every day sees a new round of specialty breads, starting with Monday’s crusty french dinner bread and baguettes, through to Saturday’s Greek Olive bread and Irish Barm Brack with raisins.

The same bread is used in our sandwiches, and the stuffed baguettes which have become a local luncheon legend.

Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, we also offer a wide variety of cookies, cakes and specialty desserts. Try our cinnamon rolls over a cup of organic Ancora coffee, or scones with a personal pot of sweetened tea.

We offer a large selection of baked goods including cookies, cakes, pies, pastries, bars and more! Perfect for any gathering!!

Specialty cakes and cupcakes are available by special order. Stop by or call to set up a personal consultation with our pastry chef, Susan!

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